first: Nina
last: Gokita
bio: Hi, I’m Nina. I’m 15 and I’ve been really involved in art for about 3-4 years. My favorite mediums are acrylic paint and charcoal.
hobbies: I love art, music, anime and video games. I dream of being able to run my own business someday.
title of piece: Great Grandma Ruth
medium: Oil Pastels
about the piece: This is a piece of my great grandma Ruth. She has sadly passed but her inspiration has been passed down to me through my grandmother and mother.


first: Kai
last: Gokita
bio: My name is Kai. I am twelve years old. I enjoy playing the piano.
hobbies: I like riding my bicycle, eating cup noodle and playing video games. I hope to become an engineer.
title of piece: Equals
medium: Oil pastels
about the piece: This piece is a drawing of an exhibit at the African American History Museum. The exhibit is a photo of the February 1st 1960 lunch counter sit in by Black students at a Woolworth in Greensboro, North Carolina. For me, this drawing means that everyone should be treated equally.


first: Jordin
last: Williams
bio: My name is Jordin Williams and I am 13 years old. I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I have been doing art for 4 years. My hobbies include playing the guitar and drums, photography, and singing.
hobbies: My dream is to become a Graphic Designer! Then, I want to move to New York City!
title of piece: Forbidden Love
medium: Oil Pastels
about the piece: I made this artwork to represent the hatred some people have for interracial couples, and how some people will always try to break them apart. Luckily, my parents love was too strong for people to break. Despite the hardships that they have gone through, they are still together after 28 years.


first: Leaynnne
last: Mchoskey
bio: I am in 8th grade and I love to read. My favorite books to read are the twilight saga. I like to draw and paint. I am 14 and I have three brothers and one sister.
hobbies: I like to read and paint and love to to watch TV. I hope to study psychology.
title of piece: 2020
medium: Oil pastels
about the piece: This piece is about my whole family and how that I am from two different races. 2020 is has been a rough year and that we are all going to get through.


first: Makenzie
last: Graham
bio: I am a 13 year old quiet girl, born in Newport News, Virginia. I am currently in 7th grade trying to survive the struggles of online school. I enjoy watching YouTube, playing games, and exploring the world around me.
hobbies: My main favorite hobbies are art, dancing, and gymnastics. I’ve been doing these activities since I was very young and I still love doing them today. I hope to help or impact someone with my art someday.
title of piece: Equality From the Hands
medium: Oil Pastels
about the piece: Basically, there are four different colored hands holding each other, making a light. The light is there to show the theme of working together and that all races are equal. The circles and the little people at the top represent this, as well. The car on the bottom shows that we need to keeping moving forward into creating a world that has more racial equality.