Student Artwork: Makenzie Graham


Equality From the Hands

Oil Pastels

Makenzie Graham


I am a 13 year old quiet girl, born in Newport News, Virginia. I am currently in 7th grade trying to survive the struggles of online school. I enjoy watching YouTube, playing games, and exploring the world around me.

About the Art

Basically, there are four different colored hands holding each other, making a light. The light is there to show the theme of working together and that all races are equal. The circles and the little people at the top represent this, as well. The car on the bottom shows that we need to keeping moving forward into creating a world that has more racial equality.


My main favorite hobbies are art, dancing, and gymnastics. I've been doing these activities since I was very young and I still love doing them today. I hope to help or impact someone with my art someday.

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GEORGIA O’KEEFFE | White Flower (detail), 1932 | Oil on panel | © Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, ARS | Gift of Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. | 1934.007
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