Student Artwork: Myia Graves


2020: A year to remember

Drawing with pencils and oil pastels

Myia Graves


My name is Myia Graves I am 14, in 10th grade, and I love to dance and do art, and sing!

About the Art

A summary of events that happened in 2020, which influenced my life greatly, and really impacted all of my peers and my family in both positive and negative ways, so I deemed it important to draw about.


I love dancing, singing, doing art, and I hope to study Forensic chemistry and toxicology in Korea.

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GEORGIA O’KEEFFE | White Flower (detail), 1932 | Oil on panel | © Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, ARS | Gift of Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. | 1934.007
© Muscarelle Museum of Art